I started Mother Butter in 2021 after discovering seed cycling on a journey to balance my hormones, get pregnant, and have my first baby at 36—despite the fertility odds being stacked against me. 

As women, we don’t talk often enough about ways to naturally regulate our hormones + how real food makes an impact.

Working with our menstrual cycles rather than against them can lead to improved sleep, more energy, healthy weight, and feeling better in our bodies—with minimized bloating, mood swings, and pain during that time of the month.

This is something we all deserve. 

No matter what phase of life you’re in: committing to a healthy lifestyle, experiencing PMS or PCOS, trying to conceive, perimenopausal, or post-menopausal—Mother Butter dishes out science-backed vitamins + minerals that support your body’s ability to regulate its hormones. 

For me, two scoops of Mother Butter makes it easy to get my daily serving of omega-3s, a boost of iron, fiber, and protein, all proven to enhance a woman’s vitality at any age.

Mother Butter is a nutrient rich, nut-free spread that my kids can even take to school! Plus, we source organically + locally whenever possible.

With no added oils or fillers and a commitment to being nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan, our seed butters are household staples that are safe for you and the whole family…but girl, let’s be real - this was made for you. Don’t forget to take your scoops first.

With love, 


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