Nut free oil free vegan Mother Butter kale salad dressing

Mother Butter Kale Salad Dressing

                    Nut free oil free vegan Mother Butter kale salad dressing

 It’s time we start saying no to sad lunchtime salads. What’s worse than a limp and lame bowl of lettuce at 1 PM? We know better - and there are a few simple ways to improve your midday meal.

1. You know they’re good for you, but they’re not always your first choice. They can be… tough. Hearty. Yes: kale, cabbage, Brussels. BUT, they hold up amazingly in a packed lunch & meal prepped in the fridge, and time saved = basically gold.
2. This Mother Butter dressing! Oil-free and delicious on anything, but perfect for those veggies from #1. Its sweet-savory taste and texture are ideal for softening the fibers of kale and cabbage. Plus, the healthy fats in MB help your body grab valuable vitamins A&K from the greens.* Let the dressing not only be tasty but do some work for you too. It’s also made in under 10 minutes- more time gold.
3. Add a fun topping or two (or 3). Dried fruit, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, chickpeas, fresh apples, some cheese, avocado… Salads are a great base for crunch and extra flavors.

Add this MB dressing to a bowl of shredded kale/cabbage mix and toss to coat (and do massage it a bit, to get the dressing in there). Pack your toppings on the side, and wave goodbye to a soggy salad.

Equipment: 2 small bowls, measuring spoons, liquid measuring cup, spoon for mixing, whisk, kitchen towel (optional)

Ingredients: makes about ½ c dressing

  • ¼ c Mother Butter
  • 4 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp nutritional yeast
  • 2 tsp Dijon mustard
  • ½ c ice cold water
  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Method:

    • Fill one small bowl with ice and 1 cup water, and set aside. This will ensure you have plenty of ice cold water to work with when it’s time to add.
    • Add Mother Butter, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, and Dijon mustard to the other small bowl. Mix until combined (it may look a little funky- this is expected!)
    • Measure ½ c of ice water out from the bowl. Start to slowly drizzle the water into the Mother Butter base, stirring as you add. It will take time for the water to incorporate. 
    • Keep drizzling until ½ c of water is added, switching to using a whisk if the mixture is a little lumpy. It should whip into a smooth, fluffy dressing! Add more water if it feels thick.
    • Season with salt and pepper to taste.


    • Putting a kitchen towel underneath the bowl used to mix the dressing can help keep things steady, since both hands are holding something (the water and stirring).
    • If you love garlic, chop up a clove or two and add it in.
    • Nutritional yeast keeps it vegan - if you’re not or don’t have any NY, a little pinch of Parmesan cheese works too!
    • Use it as a dip for raw veggies and pita bread for a snack. A little scoop of yogurt can make it even thicker and creamier (with some bonus protein, too)- whisk it in, and add more water, salt, and lemon to taste and to desired texture.
    • Apple cider vinegar can be swapped for the lemon juice.


    About The Author: Olivia Portelli

    Olivia is a Certified Master Level Nutrition Consultant through American Fitness Professionals & Associates. A graduate of the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College and former Philadelphia pastry chef for Starr Restaurant Group, she decided to help people with health and wellness after spending a decade working in professional kitchens preventing her own burnout through lifestyle, nutrition and movement. She is passionate about the fact that healthy food can taste great and loves to blend her cooking and nutrition knowledge!


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