Mother Butter Jar Overnight Oats

Mother Butter Jar Overnight Oats

Mother Butter Overnight Oats

When you find yourself approaching the last bits of your Mother Butter jar, it’s time for this easy overnight oats recipe. This is the perfect way to ensure absolutely none of that goodness goes to waste! It’s a fast way to set yourself up for a smoother morning the next day and it’s a blank canvas for anything you typically add to your oatmeal bowls. Bonus: it’s already packed in its own to-go container if, like so many of us, you’re nourishing on the go!

Equipment: measuring cups, measuring spoons, 8oz partly empty Mother butter jar (double recipe for your 16oz!), spoon to stir

Ingredients: makes 1 serving

  • Short bottom layer of Mother Butter (1-2tbsp?)
  • ½ c + 1 tbsp rolled oats
  • ½ c + 1 tbsp any milk (soy, dairy, nut, hemp, coconut) or water
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • Optional toppings: fresh or frozen fruit, honey, maple syrup, shredded coconut, seeds or nuts, chocolate chips, yogurt, more Mother Butter - because you have a backup jar, right?


  • Add oats, milk, salt, and chia seeds to the Mother Butter jar and stir to combine.
  • Refrigerate overnight. 
  • The next day, mix one more time and finish with your choice of topping!

About The Author: Olivia Portelli

Olivia is a Certified Master Level Nutrition Consultant through American Fitness Professionals & Associates. A graduate of the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College and former Philadelphia pastry chef for Starr Restaurant Group, she decided to help people with health and wellness after spending a decade working in professional kitchens preventing her own burnout through lifestyle, nutrition and movement. She is passionate about the fact that healthy food can taste great and loves to blend her cooking and nutrition knowledge!



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