2023: My Seven Lessons for Mother-Owned Business


While I assume what I’ve learned could be supportive for any entrepreneur, there are particular struggles and strengths I identify for the mother-owner; and as I identify myself as a mother-owner, I’ll simply assume that what resonated for me will benefit my fellows.

End of 2023: What did I learn?

  1. 🐸 “Eat the Frog” — this phrase means do the hardest thing FIRST. Personally, as I step into 2024 I’ll be experimenting with how I prioritize but no matter, in 2023 the shift was: you’ve gotta do the big one (hard one, annoying one) NOW. Let’s be honest, it might be all you can do today.
  2. 👀 Observe and Admit — something I used to rely upon in my past life as a producer was the idea that I was an “anthropologist”. I was focused on finding truths in order to tell stories; here, it is simply critical to be honest about yourself and your capabilities. Admit to your limitations, which will lead you to number 3 >
  3. OUTSOURCE —Many of us land in entrepreneurship because we are Janes of All Trades; we’ve had our hands across the board of functions, but girl, you can’t do it all. You won’t grow if you won’t let go.
  4. 🌱 Accept the Natural Changes — We have to let go of expectations. In 2023 I started to realize that my initial social mission was slipping away after, truly, I had enacted 1-3 above. That’s OK. It’s an opportunity for me to redefine that in 2024 and it’s exciting!
  5. 🐢 Lean into SLOW — mama, there’s just no other way. We’re not here to burn out, we’re here to be a light. You gotta accept your limitations and thank them.
  6. 💃🏼 Put Yourself Out There — my opportunity to network is ridiculously limited. But when I can get out, and do, magic will always happen. Whether it be a beneficial relationship or simply inspiration — never any regrets.
  7. 🤫 LISTEN = SILENT — did you know that when you rearrange the letters of listen you can spell silent? It’s a beautiful thing. No matter, it was in the moments of true stillness and curiosity that I “heard” my next steps. This lesson is also important for your relationships of course…

Hey —here’s to 2024. Let’s all move forward with optimism; with the knowing that your efforts are to make impact in this world, no matter how small on that bigger picture. We NEED you, and you got this mama 🙌🏼👊🏼💪🏼



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