Work with us! The Mother Butter Company

At the Mother Butter company, we believe work should work for you.

We offer short, flexible, shift opportunities that you sign up for when it works best for you. We strive to be a parent-friendly workplace which means that we:

  • don't work 9-5
  • offer shifts within school hours
  • aspire to offer childcare and other special benefits one day...

When you join us, you become a Mother Butter Contributor who can opt-in to work whenever you want. It doesn't matter if it's once a week, month, or year! We want you to want to work with us, when you can. 

We currently have 2 positions available for contributors: Kitchen Contributor and Warehouse Contributor. 

KITCHEN CONTRIBUTOR: Getting in the kitchen is fun! It's wonderful to watch the butter being made and the smell of fresh Mother Butter is absolutely delightful. You'll monitor and maintain our butter churning machines, and will hand pour Mother Butter into our signature glass jars, while listening to the music or podcasts of your choice. Machines stop at 12:15/30pm to allow time for cleanup.

Shifts are available Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday from 9am, or 10am, to 1pm (3-4 hours). We pay $15/hour and offer 50% off Mother Butter purchases. Our kitchen is at 4th/Lombard in Society Hill.

WAREHOUSE CONTRIBUTOR: Labeling jars, counting inventory, packing orders and preparing them for delivery or shipment. Other creative and organizational tasks as needed. Listening to good music, sharing laughs.

Shifts are available Thursday/Friday from 10-12pm. We pay $15/hour and offer 50% off Mother Butter purchases. Our warehouse is at 2nd/Jefferson in Old Kensington.


  • Stay at home parents who are seeking an outlet and extra cash
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, students, who want to contribute to a startup business
  • People in transition who are trying different things

If you are interested, email with subject line "Contributor Interest," and please introduce yourself. Once confirmed, you'll receive a monthly newsletter with links to sign-up for shifts. You will also receive a training video prior to your first shift (where we will also conduct in person training as well).

I hope to get the chance to work with you!